The month that was: September 2016

Having survived its first few weeks, it’s time for the first monthly summary. I’ve been doing these since the beginning on my Norwegian blog and they’ve turned out to be quite popular, summing up the major events (if any) of the last month and, of course, taking a look at which were the five most popular new blog posts.

Although it’s only been around a month (29 days in fact), there are already 24 posts and it’s been thrilling to see that traffic has been very good already in the first month, with more than 1,000 visitors. To ensure you keep up to date with new posts, you can follow the blog on Facebook and you can subscribe to receive notification of all new posts by email (just enter your email in the relevant box in the right hand column). And don’t forget to share with friends who love food.

But now: the five most popular posts in september.

1. Chicken shawarma with tahini yoghurt

Chicken shawarma wrap - recipe / A kitchen in Istanbul

2. Ajvar (Red pepper spread)

Ajvar - recipe - A kitchen in Istanbul

3. Chopped salad with chickpeas and spicy dressing

Vegetables for chopped vegetable salad with chickpeas and spicy dressing – A kitchen in Istanbul

4. Bulgur salad with roast tomato & aubergine

Bulgur salad with roast tomatoes, aubergine & walnuts / A kitchen in Istanbul

5. Spiced beetroot and chickpeas with harissa yoghurt

Spiced beetroot & chickpeas with harissa yoghurt / A kitchen in Istanbul

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